We produce washing machines, dryers and dryers for different fields of application: from industrial to commercial or private.



High standards of quality and reliability, economic management, reduced environmental impact, ease of programming and use; these are the guiding principles of the design

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To avoid the risk of transmission of infections related to the bacteria of the linen, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes require strict hygiene procedures.

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Self Service

Colorful, fun and stylish, warm and welcoming, the modern self-service laundry shop is transformed into a place of pleasant expectation and meeting point.

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Free Time & HO.RE.CA.

In an expanding and competitive hospitality market , the quality of services offered to customers plays a major role.

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Sampling and production machines for knitting mills

Enhance the quality of the yarn through your professionalism, this is the purpose of the new series of washing machines and dryers SM.

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Special machines for cheese factories

Designed and built to work in a continuous cycle in high humidity places, washing machines SDM series are characterized by the absolute sturdiness and reliability.

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