Industrial washers and dryers

MS Group has produced a range of industrial laundry equipment for over 30 years: washer extractors and dryers for linen and fabrics processing.


MS Group is able to provide customized solutions for any customer

Energy efficiency

Energy saving is one of our priorities for the end customer

Water consumption

The reduced water consumption is certain for those who choose MS Group

User friendly software

Our machines are equipped with the latest generation software

Application Markets

At MS Group we produce washers and dryers for different fields of application: from industrial, to commercial and private.



High standards, business management, reduced environmental impact, ease of use and programming.

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To avoid the risk of transmission of infections related to the bacteria of the linen, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes require strict hygiene procedures.

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Self service

Colorful fun and stylish, warm and welcoming, the modern self-service laundry shop is transformed into a place of pleasant expectation and meeting point.

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In an expanding and competitive hospitality market , the quality of services offered to customers plays a major role.

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