Application Markets


Colorful, fun and stylish, warm and welcoming, the modern self-service laundry shop is transformed into a place of pleasant expectation and meeting point. For this reason, MS GROUP has designed and implemented a new line of washers and dryers from classic and elegant design in a wide range of colors. Power and acceleration always linear minimize vibration and noise, while the power of the latest generation “user friendly” controller reduces energy consumption and simplifies the use of the machines. The machine intended for self-service laundries are also ideal for apartment house laundries; in this context are very appreciable the closed circuit dryers that, without necessity of piping for the conveyance of the fumes outside, resolve all the technical and architectural connected problems.


  • serie HS super centrifugants from 8 up to 25 kg
  • serie WM from 8 up to 23 kg
  • steam, electric and hot water heating


  • Serie EDS Kg 10-16-23;
  • Serie EDS Twin Kg 10+10 e Kg 16+16;
  • Serie EDS closed circuit Kg 10 – 16 – 23;
  • Serie EDS closed circuit Twin Kg 10+10 e Kg 16+16.

Other application markets

Other sectors in which our products can be applied.