LG Commercial Laundry System

With the washing machines and dryers of the Commercial Laundry System line, LG offers you a complete solution for your laundry business. The Giant and Titan series provide you with ideal equipment and complete support for your laundry activity both self and OPL.

I prodotti Titan e Giant di LG ti offre una soluzione completa per la lavanderia che include l’attrezzatura più adatta e un supporto completo per la tua attività. LG rivoluzionerà il tuo modo di condurre gli affari. La soluzione di lavanderia commerciale LG può essere perfettamente adatta a qualsiasi ambiente aziendale. Siamo “Più forti, più intelligenti, più sani, più efficienti”



LG Commercial washing machines are equipped with detergent injection power supply. This system controls 5 individual trigger signals for liquid power injection. This makes it very simple for your detergent suppliers to connect their liquid power supply system to the machine.


The conventional LG dryers control the flow of air and gas by turning and turning off the unit. Instead, LG commercial dryers assign the appropriate amount of gas and air into different sections to control the flow of air. This greatly increases energy efficiency.



The Hygiene Clean system ensures that the washing machines are cleaned before, during and after each use. Three cycles are available: the cycle of cleaning the tank that requires only three minutes to clean the tank before use; The hygienic cycle that sanitizes your tissues; And finally, an intensive cycle of cleaning the tank that can be performed once the load is finished.


Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the LG Commercial Laundry basket is directly connected to the engine for upper duration and reliability. Less parts equals to less repairs.