Application markets


High standards of quality and reliability, economic management, reduced environmental impact, ease of programming and use; these are the guiding principles of the design and construction of our range of equipment for industrial laundry.
Born to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of industrial laundries, workshops, cleaning companies civil and industrial, textile and food processing industries, the washing machines and dryers produced by MS Group, ensure maximum yield with less consumption; with solutions made possible by continuous research, with the washing machines and dryers by MS Group is possible to reduce the consumption of water and electricity.
Our washing machines are designed and produced also for washing with Ozone for a sanitization of textiles, be it linen hospital whether the mop in the cleaning industry. The flexibility in production that has always distinguished us, allows to realize special versions on request such as placing products in the drum through the porthole. This solution is very appreciated for particular processes for dyeing or impregnating disinfectant of the mop at the end of the wash cycle.


  • serie HS from 8 up to 55 kg
  • serie WM from 8 up to 55 kg
  • serie HSB from 16 up to 30 kg


  • serie EDS from 10 up to 100kg
  • serie EDS closed circuit from 10 up to 30 kg

Other application markets

Other sectors in which our products can be applied.